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Improve Your Home With an Extension

If you love where you live, but are feeling a little short on space, talk to us about extending your home. Whether it be an extra bedroom for the growing family, expanding living space, or a bathroom addition, we’ve helped clients reconfigure their homes to create custom spaces to suit their individual needs. 


Steps in Extending Your Home

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    Building Your Dream
Before you dash off to an architect, let's chat about your home extension ideas. Here's why:
1. Real-World Knowledge: As builders, we’re in the trenches every day. We understand the nuts and bolts of construction, ensuring your vision is not just beautiful but also doable within your budget and space constraints.
2. Save Your Dollars: Think of us as your financial safeguard. We look at your extension plans through a practical, cost-effective lens, aiming to stretch your dollar without compromising quality.
3. Smooth Collaboration: By bringing a builder in early, you're setting the stage for a team that works in concert, making your extension journey as smooth as butter.
4. Navigating the Red Tape: Local building regulations and permits can be a real headache. We have the inside knowledge on what council is approving, helping dodge any legal or regulatory curveballs.
5. Honest Timelines: We pride ourselves on giving you a timeline that’s grounded in reality. We know the ins and outs of construction schedules, helping you manage expectations and plan your life around the extension work.
Starting with a builder for your home extension lays a solid foundation for your project and ensures you’re making informed, cost-effective, and practical decisions right from the get-go. Before your dream takes shape on paper with an architect, let’s talk about making it a reality, step by practical step. Your dream home extension is just a conversation away!
We help you plan your renovation to keep your budget in check. We can discuss different materials and finishes for a beautiful home without compromising quality. Here are some tips to help with budgeting:
1. Start with a Clear Vision: Know what you want but be flexible. Detailed plans help prevent costly changes mid-way.
2. Our Estimates are Realistic. We don't provide cheap quotes to get you to sign a contract, then bump up the price later.
3. Factor in a Buffer: Surprises happen. Set aside 10-20% of your budget for unexpected costs. Better safe than sorry!
4. Prioritise Your Must-Haves: Decide what's essential and what's a nice-to-have. Invest in quality where it matters most to you.
5. Understand Financing Options: Explore loans, savings, or a combination.
Remember, a well-planned budget is your project's best friend. It keeps your home extension dream anchored in reality, ensuring a smoother, stress-free journey to the finish line. Ready to talk numbers? Let's make your home extension dream a budget-savvy reality.
The design phase is where your dream begins to take shape. Here's how to navigate the design process and involve an architect:
1. Define Your Vision: Start with clarity. What do you want to achieve with your extension? More space, enhanced functionality, or a bit of both? Have a clear picture in mind.
2. Choose the Right Architect: Look for one with experience in extensions like yours. Their expertise can elevate your project from good to great. We've worked with many architects on the Gold Coast and can make recommendations if needed.
3. Collaboration is Key: Your architect and builder should work as a team. This collaboration ensures that your design is not only stunning but also practical and within budget.
4. Feedback Loop: Be involved in the design process. Provide feedback and be open to suggestions from your architect and builder. It's a balancing act between your desires and what's achievable.
5. Plan for the Future: Think about how your extension will serve your needs in 5, 10, or 20 years? A forward-thinking design adds value to your home and your lifestyle.
6. Understand the Approval Process: Your architect can navigate the maze of building regulations. Ensuring your design complies from the start saves time and headaches later.
The design phase is exhilarating, transforming ideas into blueprints. With the right architect by your side and Maintenance Guys Constructions in the loop, your home extension is set on a path to success.
Ready to bring your vision to life? Let's make it happen, beautifully and efficiently.
The excitement is palpable as we cross the finish line on your home extension project on the Gold Coast. But, before we break out the celebratory drinks, here is our expert advice on navigating the final stage and what follows:
1. Final Inspections: We'll guide you through a detailed final inspection. It's crucial to identify anything that needs a bit of tweaking before we consider the job done. This ensures everything meets your expectations to the letter.
2. Council Approvals: Wrapping up, we'll handle all the necessary paperwork to secure final approvals or certifications from the Gold Coast Council. It's all about dotting the i's and crossing the t's to make your extension officially part of your home.
3. Warranty and Documentation: We'll provide you with all the warranties, manuals, and documentation for the work completed and materials used. This paperwork is your peace of mind, ensuring you know who to call and what's covered.
4. Budget Review: Let's sit down together for a final review of the budget. We're committed to transparency, ensuring every dollar spent is accounted for and you're fully informed of all financial aspects.
5. Snag List Plan: Despite the highest standards, minor fixes might be needed. We agree on a clear process for addressing these post-completion snags, setting realistic timelines for their resolution.
6. Celebrate and Reflect: Taking a moment to reflect on the journey and celebrate the transformation of your space is important to us. Your satisfaction and the memories you create in your new extension are what we strive for.
7. Your Feedback: Lastly, your feedback is invaluable. It helps us refine our process and ensures we continue to provide quality building services on future projects.
Post-construction, our focus shifts to ensuring you enjoy and maintain your new space. Remember, a well-crafted extension is more than just added square footage; it's about enhancing your lifestyle and the value of your home. Here's to the new memories you'll create in your beautifully expanded home!

Types of House Extensions

Here are some of our most requested home extensions. The only limit is your imagination, so if you have an idea for a home extension, ask! We’ve also built home offices, added bedrooms, pool houses, and second story additions.

Granny Flat Extensions

Granny Flats offer dual living opportunities, potential income from long or short term rental, or a multipurpose space for large families or home based businesses. The possibilities are endless when considering a granny flat, particularly on the Gold Coast. Whichever way you look at it, a granny flat extension could be a solution to your needs. At Maintenance Guys Constructions, we custom design and build granny flat extensions individual to our clients needs. Talk to us today about how a granny flat fits with the Gold Coast City Council’s plans for affordable housing and why an approved granny flat could be the right choice for your Gold Coast home.

Media Rooms

A media room is more than an upgrade; it's a lifestyle enhancement. A go-to spot for game days and movie marathons, and keep the kids entertained when they can't get outdoors. Let's not overlook the added value to your home; a well-designed media room is a feature that can increase your property's market appeal.

Enclosed Outdoor Living Spaces

Enclosed outdoor spaces are all about blending the best bits of indoor comfort with the beauty of nature. Picture lazy afternoons in a sunlit room that feels like outside but shelters you from the elements. Or hosting dinner parties in an elegant space where the breeze is invited, but the bugs aren’t. We can help create indoor/outdoor spaces that transition seamlessly for a beautiful flow.

Garage Extensions and Conversions

Converting your garage into a more functional space is like finding an extra piece of your home puzzle you didn’t know was missing. Whether for work or play, a garage extension or conversion is a clever way to boost your home’s value and charm without breaking the bank.

Bathroom and Ensuite Extensions

Considering a bathroom upgrade? Transform it into a space that combines luxury with functionality. This goes beyond just aesthetics; it’s about creating a bathroom that offers both relaxation and efficiency. Envision modern fixtures that save water and energy, a layout that maximizes space, and lighting that enhances the mood. Such renovations not only improve your daily routine but also add significant value to your home. Looking to turn your bathroom into a more inviting and sustainable space? Let’s focus on practical enhancements and eco-friendly solutions to achieve that. Your updated bathroom is just a decision away!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Extensions

When deciding on a house extension, there are a few factors to consider. Some of these factors include the length of time you intend to spend in your extended home and the value you anticipate your home being worth after the extensions are complete. 

A good place to start is to look other homes in your area that are comparable to what your home will be like when your extension is complete. What are these houses selling for in comparison to the approximate cost of your home extension? How long do you intend to spend in your home once it has been extended? Whilst property prices naturally increase over time, it is important to consider the market, demand for houses similar to yours in your suburb and where you see yourself living in the future. 

Of course, if already live in the perfect location for your needs and don’t want the added costs of selling your home, buying another and moving house, an extension to your home could be just what you need.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to deciding whether to move house or extend your current home. Take a look around your current home, your land size, whether there is space to extend out on your current land, or if you will need a second storey addition. 

Consider the costs of moving home instead – selling fees for your existing home, stamp duty on your new purchase, finance and bridging loans, removalists costs and transfer of utilities. 

Consider what renovations you have done to your home since you have lived there. Are you happy in the current location? If you moved home, what could you afford to buy? Would you still need to renovate the new purchase to make it comfortable for your needs?

It depends on the scope of your renovation or extension project. If we are completely reconfiguring plumbing, electrical wiring or removing all or part of your roof, it is best to find temporary accommodation, for both safety and comfort reasons. 

We will discuss this with you during the design phase, so you have plenty of time to arrange alternate accommodation if need be, so you can make the best decision for your family.

During the planning stage, we will discuss available materials with you and how to combine the look of your existing home with your extension. One of the benefits of contemporary designs is you can have a contrasting look between old and new and go bold with finishes. 

Your budget will determine your choice of finishes, both interior and exterior. We’ll work with you to ensure your extension blends beautifully with your home, and other homes in your neighbourhood.

Whilst kitchen and bathroom renovations are the obvious choices here, there is more to improving your home than just these two areas. Consider the following, particularly if you are planning on selling your home after your renovation or extension:

  1. Street Appeal: Updating the exterior of your home can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Modern choices include rendered and stacked stone features with timber features added for warmth.
  2.  Decks and Designated Outdoor Living Spaces: A huge amount of time is spent outdoors on the Gold Coast and being able to transition from indoor to outdoor living is a must. 
  3. Energy Efficiency: With the rising cost of energy prices in Australia, using energy efficient materials or installing renewable energy sources when building your home extension could be attractive to new purchasers.

According to hipages, the average cost of a ground floor extension ranges between $2056 and $3875 per square metre. A second storey extension ranges between $3084 and $5812 per square metre. The quality of inclusions that you choose will depend on your final cost. 

At Maintenance Guys Constructions, we offer a personalised service when it comes to renovating or adding an extension to your home.  We work with our clients to maximise their return on investment, whether it be for future resale or energy efficient living. 

Our quotes for home extensions are fully inclusive. Our team of qualified, licensed  tradespeople can take care of every aspect of your home extension, from organising an architect to draw up plans, to the painter putting on the final touches. 

We will even liaise with Gold Coast City Council on your behalf to seek necessary approvals for your extension, often a complex task and huge source of stress for homeowners. 


Browse Our Home Extension Projects

We helped the owners of this single storey brick home in Helensvale completely renovate and extend their older style home. Throughout the process of the home extension, we removed walls and reconfigured the home, building a new kitchen complete with a fully plumbed butler’s pantry with sink, dishwasher and plenty of storage space. 

The kitchen included a functioning splashback window and beautiful black glass splashback to compliment the white kitchen with black accents for a contemporary finish. Plumbing was also built in to the massive kitchen island with breakfast bar, and double sided storage for easy accessibility. 

Open plan living spaces were carefully designed and created with family living in mind. A black steel framed staircase ties in perfectly with the kitchen before leading upstairs to the new master suite, with walk in wardrobe, ensuite and sitting area leading to a custom designed balcony with a skillion roof to sit and enjoy the morning sun. 

Check out the gallery of images during the house extension project below:

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